Cell Culture Related Services

Cell culture:

Maintenance; Medium optimization, FBS selection

cell banking:

Storage in Liquid N2, short term, long term

cell biology:

electron microscopy…

Development of Hybridoma / MAbs

Hybridoma (Monoclonal antibody) development

In vitro Production of MAbs in hollow fiber system, Celline system and Roller bottles.

In vivo Production of ascites in Balb/c and nude mice…

Production and Purification of MAbs

Affinity purification using Protein-A and Protein-G resins

Evaluation of chromatography matrixes with model proteins

Characterisation of  MAbs

  • BIAcore, ESI-MSMS
  • Proteomic studies
  • Protein analysis

Testing of the r-antigens and MAbs with clinical samples

Recombinant Antibody Development

  • Sequencing of hybridomas – identification of heavy and light chain sequences –
  • Gene synthesis of the heavy and light chains
  • Transfection in mamalian expression vector (CHO cells)
  • Studies of transient expression and generation of stable cell lines
  • Purification and characterisation of recombinant MAbs

Recombinant Antigen Development

  • Design of sequence
  • Gene synthesis and cloning in a chosen expression vector
  • Optimisation of expression and production and Purification by IMAC
  • Service for evaluation of IMAC matrixes with model proteins
  • Characterisation